Is Mr Gorski Juggling Too Many Hats?

I have had the pleasure lately of being hat maker to the dapper salon juggler, Mr Gorski.

He came  seeking my  help in my Sydney premises with his hat and cigar juggling routine. He needed to shed some weight from his existing straw boater hat as balancing it on a cigar in his mouth was making his jaw and neck ache mid way through his routine .

He demonstrated his routine and we discussed the importance of proportions, balance and fit. He needed to be comfortable with less weight in the hat but it needed to respond predictably to his physical actions within his routine. We discussed some precise measurements and construction options.


Mr Gorski trying out the new juggling hat that I made for him

I have created for him a hat in a light weight board a toile (or a rough)  to rehearse in and eventually we will refine the proportions, circumference and finish to blend his new hat back into the existing routine and costume styling.

Check out this youtube clip of Mr Gorski and his hat and cigar routine

Mr.Gørski Hat Juggling.

Book a date with him to perform at your next gathering.

I think I will.

Rosie Boylan

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