Forming a Flat Cap

A five piece cap block

A five piece cap block

Selecting this old 5 piece block, I am currently making a 1930’s inspired flat cap from a waxy, open plait panama.
I aquired this block from a Sydney firm who, for 100 years made the military and aviation headwear for our men in uniform.

By wetting and gently moulding the hat body over the wooden form and leaving it to dry for a few days, it takes on the shape of the cap. The circumfirence around the top of the form is larger than around the fit line.

So how do we remove the hat from the wooden form without loosing the shape and fit line?

open weave waxed panama wet moulded over 5 piece block

open weave waxed panama wet moulded over 5 piece block



The form is inverted and dismantled into five pieces that can be removed without compromising the newly moulded hat.

Making 5 piece wooden  hat forms is a rare trade now. I treasure these old shapes and often think of the former lives  they had in the 20th century, before coming into my care.

The midnight blue flat cap is now being finished for it’s wearer.hats-july-2009-001

Rosie Boylan

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  1. Steven Lewis 14/08/2009 at 12:44 pm #

    Please stop tormenting me with hats I want 🙂

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