Crown Making

Over the past few weeks I have been collaborating with a jeweller and an electroplater in the making of a king’s crown.
I talk paper patterns and ermine, jewels and velvet. Alice talks sulphides, beating brass and gold baths and we both hope the size will be right. I now know why crowns have fur rims. This is to offer flexible head fit with the overnight change of royalty – without having to make a new crown. The fur cuff also allows a bit of padding to a very heavy and unforgiving metal ring that bears down on the temples and challenges the neck muscles. The weight of leadership is great. Along with the velvet cape, it is any wonder that royalty get beyond coronation day!


Rosie Boylan

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  1. Kerry August 27, 2009 at 4:08 pm #

    Apparently the Queen wore the Crown for some weeks beforehand while she was doing ordinary things so as to get used the weight she would have put with during the Coronation.

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