Forming a Flat Cap

Selecting this old 5 piece block, I am currently making a 1930’s inspired flat cap from a waxy, open plait panama. I aquired this block from a Sydney firm who, for 100 years made the military and aviation headwear for our men in uniform. By wetting and gently moulding the hat body over the wooden form and leaving it […]

New York Street Styling

A  spontaneous moment on my research trip in the pursuit of men’s headwear was stumbling across this dude on the streets of  New York painting custom made hats on the sidewalk. He had a brisk trade in spraying logos onto his blank truckie caps. Rap tags and New York skylines were his favorite themes. He was very adept with the […]

Making a Top Hat

After many years of making  top hats for stage and screen productions, I am very familiar with this type of hat. Toppers can take a long time to make by hand, but the results are always rewarding. Hat fittings with the client are required to select the right sillouette and to tweek the style to suit the wearer’s body […]

Underneath the Eiffel Tower

On my first day in Paris, on the quest of men’s headwear design throughout the world, I accidentally stumbled upon the Musee du quai Branly. While I intended to seek out this museum to view the headwear of other cultures, I had no idea where in Paris this establishment was. Strangely on this first day, while wandering […]

Japanese Hat Wearers

In Tokyo in the depths of winter earlier this year, I was delighted to see young Japanese men wearing hats on the streets. They seem to have embraced all kinds of styles, from striking black felts perched on top of their dark hair  to a range of soft knitted and pattern made hats. There is endless […]

What Makes a Great Hat?

This depends who you are. For the wearer it must be comfortable and feel right. For the viewer it must suit the wearer in shape and style, complementing the personality. For me as a hat maker the hat must have a great shape. Nothing is more exciting than walking down the street and marvelling at […]

Crown Making

Over the past few weeks I have been collaborating with a jeweller and an electroplater in the making of a king’s crown. I talk paper patterns and ermine, jewels and velvet. Alice talks sulphides, beating brass and gold baths and we both hope the size will be right. I now know why crowns have fur […]


Hi, welcome to my hatters blog. As a passionate hat maker of 30 years, I am recently returned to  Australia from a global research trip looking at historic and contemporary headwear. Fortunate to receive a Winston Churchill fellowship, I explored headwear design in Japan, Europe, UK and USA. I visited museum collections, hat manufacturers, hat […]

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