Prada & Great Gatsby headwear

  I have always been intrigued by how design is influenced by the interplay between fashion and film and the recent feature film The Great Gatsby is a hand in glove example of this relationship. The film showcases a collaboration between costume designer Catherine Martin and fashion designer Miuccia Prada with their creation of forty […]


Cabbage Tree Hats

Rosie Boylan, Sydney hat maker, talks about  Australia’s first cottage craft, the Cabbage Tree Hat. Woven in Australia by first settlers and convicts to protect themselves from the hot Australian sun, the Cabbage Tree hat became the symbol of the ‘new chums’ of  early colonial Sydney. As a milliner for stage and screen, I have […]


Headwear Incubator in Wagga Wagga

I was recently invited to conduct a workshop at the Wagga Wagga International Millinery Convention 2012. This is an event held every few years in regional New South Wales in the bustling rural city of Wagga Wagga on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. The one week forum was organised by a bunch of committed and […]


Men Wearing Vintage Hats

Vintage Hats Make It To Sydney A FEDORA LOUNGE FOLLOWER and daily wearer of hats, NEIL WATT is an enthusiast with an impressive knowledge around men’s hat manufacturing and sartorial elegance. Recently moving to Sydney and down sizing into a new home he sadly is parting with some of his treasures. BOYLAN HEADWEAR is open […]

Is Mr Gorski Juggling Too Many Hats?

I have had the pleasure lately of being hat maker to the dapper salon juggler, Mr Gorski. He came  seeking my  help in my Sydney premises with his hat and cigar juggling routine. He needed to shed some weight from his existing straw boater hat as balancing it on a cigar in his mouth was […]

Mr Chan & The Chinese Opera

As a milliner visiting the Hong Kong Academy of the Performing Arts earlier this year, I was invited to meet Mr Chan, a leading maker in Hong Kong of traditional Chinese Opera costumes, hats and headwear. Being a hat maker and hat designer, having made many elaborate headpieces over the years, I was aware that […]

Maori Flax Weaving at Parramatariki

PARRAMATARIKI On a cold June evening,  I caught  a sunset  ferry from Circular Quay to Parramatta in Sydney to the opening of PARRAMATARIKI – Stories from Across the Sea, a flax weaving installation at the Parramatta Artists Studios. From making hats to making mats. Two weaving artists, Maureen Lander and Keren Ruki had been commissioned […]

Brisbane, Australia – Mad About Hats

Hats: An Anthology By Stephen Jones has been on exhibit at the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane since 27th March. This exhibition was first shown in March 2009 at the V&A Museum in London. Tony Elwood, Director of the Queensland Art Gallery showed great forsight in bringing this exhibition exclusively to Brisbane in Australia. It […]

The Shape of Men’s Heads

Variations in head shapes exist amongst peoples of the world. In my work as a bespoke hat maker I have found some general variations exist  in head shape. Asian heads tend to be round with fullness at the temples. African heads are elongated like Neferatiti. Anglo Australian heads tend to be oval. When making hats […]