Elizabeth Debicki - The Great Gatsby, Bazmark Films 2013 Carey Mulligan - Great Gatsby, Bazmark Films 2013. photo Douglas Kirkland unique individuality and character Hugh Jackman - Australia, Bazmark Films, 2007 Nicole Kidman - Australia, Bazmark Films, 2007 award-winning creations Cate Blanchett, Vogue 2015. photo Emma Summerton Vogue Australia 2016, Mathilde Ollivier in woven nylon beret. Photo Jake Terry the transformative power of the hat

For Rosie Boylan every new hat commission it is a unique undertaking. She has developed her own special way of capturing the style and character of the hat-wearer.

When you engage Rosie in a bespoke commission for your special occasion or headwear project she will take the time to establish your particular needs. Through her personalised process of consultation and fittings Rosie will help you in the choice of materials and headwear style to complement your features, whether playing a character in film or theatre or being your own special self.

Rosie believes in the transformative power of the hat – the power to make a performance or a special event in your life truly unique.


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